«Take time to deliberate,
but when the time for action comes,
stop thinking and go in.»

Intelligent cars, bio-revolution, the Grätzel cell, AI, virtual and augmented reality, 3D-printing…technological revolutions have made the world a better place to live in.
Each of those technological revolutions was driven by men and women whose combined capacities have proofed groundbreaking.

In order to maintain a competitive edge, engineering R&D service companies need to constantly grow, harmonise, and organise these combined capacities and make them efficient. They need to ask themselves about how to manage their growth, should it be external, organic, or both.
Mergers, acquisitions, disposals, strategic alliances and joint-ventures, Initial Public Offering (IPO), …new strategies, new organisations…there are many ways to go about improving a company’s structure and growth potential, and many strategic decision companies will have to take throughout their life times.

S&P Advisory Services is a technology-focused company specialised in different forms of link-ups between companies and in assisting its clients in improving their growth potentials.
We help our clients maximise the creation of value over the long-run by making sure that their financial transactions are perfectly in line with their strategic choices.

S&P operates on European markets such as Germany, France, the Benelux countries, Switzerland and Poland.
S&P totals over 20 years of experience in M&A transactions and operational management in the engineering services sector, and more specifically in:

  • Acquisitions, Mergers
  • Divestitures
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Executive Search

S&P offers a multicultural workforce combination and the possibility to work in different major European languages, such as German, English, French, and Polish. Cultural differences become apparent in all cross-border transactions and may lead to future problems if not managed in time. S&P has many years of experience in cross-border transactions and has developed the necessary soft skills to be successful in those multi-cultural business environments.